What happens if a customer does a bad review?

Our review system is focused on protecting your online reputation.  If a customer uses one of our tools and does one, two, or three-star review ReviewMOXY provides a form for the customer to send you the issue or experience they had instead of showing the review link.  This lets the customer “Vent” and gives you the opportunity to address their concerns and hopefully rectify the situation.

In many cases, a person getting a response right away from the owner or manager is impressed with the customer service and comes back to do a positive review based on your customer service.  Without the system, you most likely would not know there was an issue until you got a bad review online.

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We are confident that once you try ReviewMOXY you will become a fan and a client.  We offer a no obligation 14-day trial of our system including a complimentary setup and system walkthrough.  During the trial, if you don’t agree this will drive more prospects and clients to your business, you may cancel at any time.

We use our ReviewMOXY platform for our full-service agency clients as well and we are happy to walk you through best practices for your type of business to maximize your results.

If you are a busy business owner and looking for someone to take care of this for you, No Problem!  We offer full concierge service and handle everything for you including review response, review requests, monitoring and monthly meetings to review your results and any questions you may have.